Our team consists of passionate and open-minded people that mix a wide range of skills: strategy, dossiers drafting, project management, training course, negotiations… 
The plurality of our profiles and personalities makes it possible to support you throughout your projects, for every type of medical device 
or therapeutic areas. At Medconsult, we deal with the French constraints every day, and we still think out the box to find creative solutions.

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Claire Xylinas

Senior Market Access & HE consultant

Claire is a consultant in market access and health economy with 12 years’ experience in the field of Medical devices and market access in France. She started her career as product manager in Urology for Medtronic before joining the Health Economic and market access department as a reimbursement and health economics specialist for Diabetes, Cardiac surgery, ENT Business Units. She submitted one of the very first « Forfait Innovation » dossiers to the French HTA Agency (HAS) for continuous glucose monitoring.

After 2 years in the United States and a consulting experience for MedTech with Quintiles Commercial France (Novex Pharma), Claire joined MedConsult in 2014, as a senior consultant in Reimbursement and market access, where she has been developing market access activities for health technologies ever since, with a strong focus on Innovation funding and Special funding schemes for innovative medical devices. Claire is a pharmacist from University Paris Descartes and holds a Master’s degree in healthcare management from ESCP-EAP European Business School.

Mathilde Fontenas

Market Access & HE consultant

Mathilde is market access and medico-economics consultant at MedConsult. She is pharmD (University Paris Sud) and holds a master’s degree in Market-Access and Medico-Economic Evaluation (University Paris Sud). Mathilde had her first experience in a start-up. She managed quality, clinical data and regulatory activities for a medical application. 

Since joining MedConsult in 2017, Mathilde has participated in the ingineering and drafting of LPPR reimbursement files and in the development of requests of specific funding for innovation such as “Forfait Innovation”. She was also conducted market access analysis and strategics roadmaps.

Hélène Sibrik

Market Access & HE consultant

Hélène is a market access and medico-economic consultant at Medconsult. She is PharmD (University of Reims) and holds a master’s degree in regulatory and economic strategies for Market Access of health products (University of Bordeaux). Before joining MedConsult in March 2017, Hélène had her first experience in a start-up managing projects for development of telemedicine and teleconsultation solutions in the field of dermatology. 

Since joining MedConsult, Hélène has led various Market Access projects from strategic analysis to reimbursement files redaction and submission for LPPR registration or request for specific funding such as RIHN or article 51. Hélène has also developed training for Market Access and funding of in vitro diagnosis.

Nolwenn Clément-Rio

Junior Market Access & HE consultant

Nolwenn is market access and medico-economics consultant at MedConsult. She is pharmD (University Paris Sud) and holds a master’s degree in Market-Access and Medico-Economic Evaluation (University Paris Sud). She also holds a statistics degree (CESAM certification – University Paris VI), specialized in clinical trials and statistics software (R and SAS).

Since joining MedConsult in 2018, Nolwenn has participated in the development of pricing and positioning strategy. She was also involved in the drafting and filing of medico-technical and economic files for registrations on the LPPR. Due to her statistical background, she has been able to conduct analyzes of administrative databases as well as epidemiological monitoring.

Benoît Salaün

Senior Market Access & HE consultant

Benoît SALAÜN (PharmD, PhD) is an experienced professional with a strong track record in Market Access and Business Operations for medical devices and drugs. On the Market Access side, Benoit held several positions in Pharma, Consultancy Agency and Medical Devices companies. Benoit led for 6 years Medtronic France Reimbursement & Health Economics Department, covering all therapies. To name but a few, he handled the reimbursement for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) the first rechargeable device for Spine Cord Stimulation (SCS), the reimbursement of abdominal and thoracic endoprosthesis. On pain and spasticity management, he achieved successfully the reimbursement for programmable infusion pump for intrathecal drug delivery. More recently, he led Therapy Access & Market Access programs at St Jude Medical Neuromodulation EMEAC especially for Occipital Nerve Stimulation and Deep Brain Stimulation. 

On the Business Operation side, Benoit created and led the Neuromodulation Business Unit at Medtronic France (Deep Brain Stimulation, Spinal Cord Stimulation, Pumps for Intrathecal Baclofen, Sacral Nerve Stimulation and Urinary portfolio). From 2014 to 2017, Benoit held the position as of project Director at IQVIA (Quintiles – Novex Pharma) for launching antibiotics and antifungal drugs and Medical devices on the French market.