Strategic analysis and market access roadmap

  • Position the technology in the therapeutic and competitive environment;
  • Identify missing data according to clinical development level;
  • Analyze the market on public data: SNIIRAM and PMSI;
  • Organize and manage expert boards or practice surveys;
  • Evaluate device eligibility for the various financing pathways:
    • Common law: LPPR, intra-DRG (GHS), technical procedures (NABM and CCAM), technical packages;
    • Innovation financing: RIHN, Forfait Innovation, Ministerial Research Programs, Article 51 and BPI Funding;
    • Telemonitoring.
  • Keep a watch on regulatory and scientific aspects of the concerned therapeutic area;
  • Organize and support strategic meetings with authorities.

More activities on Market Access

For all health products

Medical devices (DM)

  • Single use, implantable, capital equipment, etc
  • Therapeutic, Diagnostic or prognostic

In vitro diagnostic devices

  • Biological procedure acts,
  • Companion tests,
  • Capital equipment and consumables

And other innovative technologies

  • Connected medical devices or tele surveillance activities,
  • Foods for special medical purposes