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Our team of experts is characterized by its professionalism and its sense of ethics. The plurality of our profiles and personalities makes it possible to support you throughout your projects, for every type of medical device or therapeutic areas.

Thanks to our wide range of skills, our services cover: the submission of reimbursement files, applications for derogatory financing, efficiency files, price negotiations and budget impact analysis. Medconsult ensure the French market access or economic evaluation projects of your technology all along.

Benoît Salaün

Founder and CEO

Benoît SALAÜN (PharmD, PhD) is the founder and CEO of Medconsult.

He is an experienced professional with a strong track record in Market Access and Business Operations for medical devices and drugs

As a recognized expert in this field, Benoit is dedicated to satisfying its clients needs.

Parcours du directeur

Claire Xylinas

Manager Sénior Market-Access

Claire is a market access and health economy consultant with 15 years’ experience in the field of Medical devices and market access in France. She started her career as product manager in Urology for Medtronic before joining the Health Economic and market access department as a reimbursement and health economic specialist for Diabetes, Cardiac surgery, ENT Business Units.

After 2 years in the NYC and a consulting experience for MedTech with Quintiles Commercial France, Claire joined MedConsult in 2014, as a senior consultant in Reimbursement and market access, where for the last 7 years she has been responsible for the development of market access activities, leading and operationally managing of more than 100 market access projects for medical devices (implantable, diagnosis, connected MD) and BioTechs companies, in different therapeutic areas, with a strong focus on Innovation funding and special funding schemes for innovative medical devices. She is also in charge of the MA consultants’ team.

Claire is a PharmD from Paris University and holds a Master’s degree in healthcare management from ESCP-EAP European Business School and a Health Economics degree from HEPAMI.


Nolwenn Clément-Rio

Senior Consultant Market-Access and Medico-Economics

Nolwenn is senior market access and medico-economics consultant at MedConsult. She is pharmD (University Paris Sud) and holds a master’s degree in Market-Access and Medico-Economic Evaluation (University Paris Sud). She also holds a statistics degree (CESAM certification – University Paris VI), specialized in clinical trials and statistics software (R and SAS).

Since joining MedConsult in 2018, Nolwenn has participated in the development of pricing and positioning strategy. She was also involved in the drafting and filing of medico-technical and economic files for registrations on the LPPR. Due to her statistical background, she has been able to conduct analyzes of administrative databases as well as epidemiological monitoring. Plus, she’s leading Delphi Panel projects.


Nathalie Préaubert

Health economics Senior consultant

Nathalie is senior consultant in charge of MedConsult’s “Health economics” department.

She holds a master’s degree in health economics and a another one in public health. Nathalie has worked as health economist at the National institute of medical research (INSERM) then, within the “Economic Evaluation and Public Health” division (SEESP) of the National Health Agency (HAS) for 9 years. In 2009, Nathalie joined the Clinical Research Department of the Bordeaux University Hospital, to manage “the health economic evaluation” division until September 2021, date of her arrival at Medconsult.

The main Nathalie’s mission is to provide medical device and drug manufacturers, an analysis of the economic, budgetary, and organizational issues of their technologies. Nathalie helps them to identify the authorities’ requirements in terms of economic data to be collected for the market access strategy (cost-effectiveness models, economic arguments, budget impact analyses), and to define, set up and follow economic studies implemented. Thanks to her experience in clinical research and in the methodology and statistical analyzes of trials, Nathalie also provides support to the Market Access teams on these aspects.


Hela Ayari

Market-access consultant

Hela is a PharmD finalizing her studies with a Master degree “Medico-economic evaluation and market access” at the University of Paris Dauphine.

After 3 years of experience in consulting at Creativ-ceutical for big pharmas, Hela joined Medconsult in June 2021.

Since her arrival, she has been involved in numerous market access projects (strategic recommendations, development of medico-technical and economic dossiers…). Hela is also part of the team “Health Economics Evaluation” of Medconsult.


Marie-Laure VIGNES

Market-access consultant

Marie-Laure is a Market-Access consultant, graduated from the Master MAEME (Market-Access and Medical-Economic Evaluation) of the University of Paris Saclay and holds a certification in medical statistics (CESAM – University of Paris VI).

After completing her pharmacy residency in Paris, she joined the MedConsult team in November 2021. Thanks to her hospital experience, her various internships in the DM industry and in the administration, she is now involved in numerous market access missions such as strategical analysis or LPPR submission dossier.


Marion Corthier

Market-access consultant

PharmD (University Paris Sud) and holds a master’s degree in Market-Access and Medico-Economic Evaluation (University Paris Sud).

Since joining MedConsult, she has been involved in many various market access missions. Her good knowledge of the French authorities, of the device regulations and of the medical device pathway has enabled her to manage relevant strategic analyses for innovative devices.


Hélène Besseau

Market-access consultant

Student in pharmacy, Hélène is finalizing her studies by specializing this year in market access with the master “Market Access and Medico-Economic Evaluation” at the University of Paris Saclay. After joining MedConsult for an internship in February 2021, she will continue her apprenticeship within the company as a work-study student.

Since her arrival, she has been involved in many eclectic missions in market access and is gaining experience every day.



Assistant Office Manager

Alterning in 2nd of BTS SAM (support for managerial action) Yohan finished his degree at the Etienne Jules Marey high school in order to specialize in the near future in the field of Human Resources.

Since his arrival, he has been involved in many administrative missions such as email tracking, billing tracking, computer park follow-up, filing and archiving of administrative documents, and contract preparation. He is also part of the administrative center of Medconsult.